Three years of Scrolling – How has micromobility changed in the city?

Three years of Scrolling.

Scrolls first appeared in Tbilisi in 2020, during the global COVID pandemic outbreak, when new quarantine regulations forced people to seek new ways of transportation. Now, three years later, the use of electric scooters has increased even more. How has the city’s micro-mobility changed during this time? Let’s take a look at how the infrastructure for eco-transportation has changed and what routes can be taken by riders.

Scroll Impact:

During this period, travelers scrolled over 2.9 million kilometers, which is equivalent to circling the Earth 72 times. This resulted in emitting over 190,000 kilograms more CO2, which would require 3,800 more trees to neutralize.

In total, scrolling replaced travel by car over 1.3 million times, which resulted in over 150,000 more kilometers of travel. 

Scrolling impact on environment.
Scrolling impact on environment.
Scrolling impact on environment.

How did the scroll help the city cope with the pandemic?

The fact that the scroll is one of the fastest and most effective means of transportation made it a necessary resource even in the struggle against the pandemic. In 2020, volunteers who needed to buy and obtain essential products were given free rides on the scroll. In the suburbs of “Heroes” company, people working in the field of healthcare were using free minutes to scroll. During the quarantine period, the scroll was able to continue to provide services and provide fast and accessible transportation for residents.

Knowledge about micro-mobility

Scroll is the first micro-mobility service in Georgia. Therefore, many companies were created in recent years aiming to inform the public about the importance of eco-friendly transportation. Scooter regularly updates news from around the world and provides statistics on the increase in eco-mobility in urban areas.

Scroll in Ukraine

Scroll has been operating in Ukraine since 2020. It is important that the continuation of work in Ukraine happened even after the start of the war, which made it easy for residents to relocate. Scroll also helped government representatives, who needed simple solutions to easily relocate within the city during this difficult period for effective work.

Scrolling impact on environment.
Scrolling impact on environment.
Scrolling impact on environment.

Scroll became a member of UN Global Compact

Since the past year, Scroll became a member of UN Global Compact and has been among companies whose goal is to achieve peace and prosperity for people by 2030. With this status, we accept the responsibility to make action towards a healthy environment of Georgia and to accomplish the predefined goals.

European Mobility Week 

It has been 10 years already, every year from September 16th to 22nd, European Mobility Week is celebrated. During the week, people use environmentally friendly and sustainable means of transportation and promote their use. Special promo codes are available on Bird’s application during the week so that you can join the global event.

How has the city’s infrastructure changed in the last 3 years?

In recent years, there have been many changes in Tbilisi’s eco-infrastructure. Large green spaces and special zones have been established along the city and special signs and markings have been added to make it easier and safer to navigate by bike, on foot, or by other eco-transport. It is worth noting that the number of green spaces in the city is still increasing, which will make eco-mobility even more comfortable in the future. 

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