At the beginning of the ride, 1 GEL is charged from the card, which will be returned to you instantly, this transaction is carried out to verify the authenticity of the tied account.

When you charge your phone, write us to the support section in the app and you will get back the overpaid amount.

All scooters are checked before leaving the warehouse, however, there are cases when certain defects are encountered due to improper use. If you notice that the scooter is faulty, please report it and our operating team can correct the defect.

In order to move safely, there are zones in the application where the speed of the scooter is limited, for example: in crowded places such as parks and squares you can not scroll at high speed, because it can endanger others and you. This is why, when entering such areas, for your own safety and the safety of others, the scrolling speed decreases.

Closca x Scroll helmets are available at Veli.Store