Scroll & Safesept collaboration

While the entire world is fighting against the coronavirus our team is diligently working to both assure our service is a lower-risk option and encourage the public to minimize the risk of spreading COVID-19. As an e-scooter sharing service, we feel that it is important to keep you updated on how we are ensuring the safety of our rides.

The safety of our riders has always been our top priority. For the safer ride experiences, we became friends with SafeSept and with their support you will find attached sanitizers at our scooters in order to use them before and after scrolling. Remember, your safety is the most essential thing for us.

You should also know that our scooters are specially disinfected several times a day, following all the recommendations provided by the World Health Organization and the company “Bird”.

Micromobility is, by nature, one of the safest and cleanest transportation options during a health crisis. It’s naturally socially distant, reduces reliance on cars and requires no additional precautionary measures other than those taken to run essential errands. By implementing policies that promote scooter and bike use, cities can reduce demand on crowded trains and buses while increasing accessible mobility options. That’s a health and safety win for everyone.

Stay safe & healthy