European Mobility Week 2023

European Mobility Week 2023

European Mobility Week 2023

September 16-22 marks the European Mobility Week!

The goal of the week is to promote sustainable and healthy mobility choices, such as cycling, walking, and using public transport, rather than using private cars, to reduce congestion and improve the quality of life in urban areas. During Mobility Week, people opt for more sustainable modes of transportation, avoiding traffic jams and embracing a healthier and more eco-friendly lifestyle.

Eco-friendly transportation options like bicycles, scooters, or electric vehicles become more popular during Mobility Week, and people prioritize active and sustainable modes of transport. By doing so, we contribute to reducing traffic congestion, promoting cleaner air, and enhancing both physical and mental well-being.

The main objective of Mobility Week is to encourage people to leave their cars at home and opt for alternative modes of transportation for their daily commute. Whether you’re heading to school, university, or work, choosing eco-friendly transportation like Scroll can make your journey more comfortable. And when you pay with your TBC – თიბისი Visa card, you can enjoy a 50% cashback on your rides.

If you haven’t used the scroll yet, download the Bird App between September 16-22 and use our special promo code – MobilityWeek2023 and explore your city in a new, sustainable way.

European Mobility Week culminates on September 22, known as Car-Free Day, when people from various countries say no to cars and opt for alternative transportation methods to reduce congestion and improve urban mobility.

Join us in making a positive change!