This document is Privacy Policy of Scroll website (online shop) located at

Our priority is to secure personal information of our customers. This policy includes information on the types of data we collect and save. Privacy Policy sets forth the regulations in regard of the ways of using collected information.

In case of any additional questions, claims, requests please, contact Scroll on our e-mail. Scroll team is ready to answer your questions.

Privacy policy is valid for online activities and is in legal force for the website visitors. This policy does not regulate information collected outside of electronic space or by any means other than Scroll website.

This policy is mutually binding agreement, that is formed between you and LLC Mercury. Registered address of LLC Mercury is Tbilisi, Saburtalo, Tsintsadze St. 43, apt. 4a.

Privacy Policy together with its amendments and other regulations of Scroll constitute as one document and shall be deemed as an entire agreement formed with the customer.

  • Legal grounds;

Legal grounds for processing personal information by Scroll is your expressed consent. We need to process personal information in order to provide you with the services – online shop and possibility to purchase items from online shop (website and online shop together referred to as Website).

  • Consent;

You declare your consent on the Privacy Policy by using the website. You agree on Privacy Policy conditions and entitle Qati to process, store and use your personal information to provide the services according to the legislation.

While registering on the website, the customer indicates that he/she has read and agrees to the Privacy Policy. Marking the relevant field on consent shall be deemed as written consent on processing the personal information.

  • What data does Scroll collect from you;

In order to register on the website, you shall fill registration form and indicate your information on the following:

  • Mobile number;
  • E-mail;
  • Address;
  • First and last name;
  • Password for authorization;

Above indicated information is necessary to register on the website, otherwise customer will not be able to complete the registration.

After generation of the order, you will be transferred to the payment page of the bank. You fill in payment information and confirm the transaction. We do not have access on your credit card information. This information is not stored in Scroll.

You are solely responsible on the correctness of the indicated information. Scroll is exempt from any responsibility and damages that may arise from the incorrectness of the provided information.

Do not transfer your login or password to any third party.

  • Log files and cookies;

Scroll uses standard procedures of log files. Like other web sites, Scroll uses log files and cookies in order to store the information of customer behavior on the website and improve quality of the services. Following information is generated and stored by using log files and cookies:

  • IP address;
  • Type of the device;
  • Browser;
  • Date, time and duration of web site visit;
  • Information which platform customer was redirected toScroll website from;
  • Information on actions performed on Scroll website – what products did the customer visit;

We do not identify specific customer with this information, it is an analytical data.

We process this information in order to:

  • Analyze trends;
  • Manage the website, process statistics;
  • Observe customer behavior on our website and create refined customer experience;
  • Plan and implement effective marketing activities;
  • Provide you with advice and recommendations;

While using of the website you may agree on cookies. In case you do not click on the relevant button, however you continue to use the website, such behavior will be deemed as consent.

You may change cookie settings in the settings of your browser.

  • Goals of data processing;

Scroll uses gathered information for the following purposes, to:

  • Ensure proper functioning of the website;
  • Improve, enlarge and provide personalized customer experience on the website:
  • Find out and analyze how you use the website;
  • Develop new products, services, functionalities;
  • Communicate with you, send you the news and other information related to the website, implement direct marketing and other promotional events;
  • Send e-mails;
  • Detect and prevent fake profiles;

You are entitled to cancel your subscription and request termination of processing your personal information for direct marketing purposes. Please, send us such request via e-mail. Scroll will terminate direct marketing upon your request during 10 working days. Refusal of direct marketing does not cancel other services.

  • Sources of data collection;

The website collects information from the following sources:

  • When you fill in website registration form;
  • When you communicate with mobile phone or an e-mail;
  • When you use our website and chat;
  1. Customer rights;

Our aim is to guarantee that you are aware of the rights in regard of your personal information. According to the Law of Georgia on Protection of Personal Information you are entitled to:

  • Request the following information – data we process, goals and legal grounds of processing, sources used for collection of the information and third parties to whom the personal information was disclosed, legal grounds and goals of such disclosure;
  • Request copies of the personal information data;
  • Correct, update, add, block, delete or eliminate information if data is incomplete, incorrect, is not updated or if it was illegally collected or processed;

You are entitled to amend information on your private profile on the website. In case the amendment is not possible, please, contact us on an email.

  • Disclosure;

Your information should be disclosed according to Georgian legislation in order to identify and prevent crime for investigation purposes.

We share your personal information with our partner delivery company, which ensures that ordered items are delivered to your address. We disclose the following information to the delivery company – the order details, name, last name, address and the contact number. We disclose your personal information solely for the delivery purposes.

  • Data protection;

Scroll takes exceptional responsibility on data protection issues. Information disclosed by you to our website is saved on protected cloud servers.

Your private profile is accessed only with your login and password. Do not share this information to any third party. Scroll is exempt from any responsibility if third parties use your login credentials. If you have any doubt that third party is using your login information without your consent, please, inform us immediately.

  1. Third parties and their privacy policies’;

This Privacy Policy does not cover other companies and their websites. In case you are transferred to any other website from Scroll website, please, read terms and conditions and privacy policy of that particular website carefully.

  • Protection of minors;

Our priority is to secure safe usage of internet by minors. We encourage parents and legal representatives to observe, participate, control or overview online activities of the minors.

It is impossible for Scroll to reassure whether customer indicates true and correct information while registering, including information on their age. In case you have information that registered customer is a minor, who does not have consent to use the website from his/her legal representative, please, contact us for further actions.

  1. Term of data preservation;

Scroll preserves personal data throughout the period of the service. Apart from this, information is preserved on the protected servers up till 10 years.

  1. Amendments;

Scroll is entitled to change this Privacy Policy occasionally. Every amendment will be published on Scroll website and will be in legal force from the moment of publication. Your continuous usage of the website will be deemed as the consent on amended Privacy Policy. In case you do not agree with amendments please, do not use the website.