European Mobility Week 2022

Mobility Week 2022, Georgia, Tbilisi, EU, Micromobility

For 10 years, every year, on September 16-22, the European Mobility Week has been held. During the week, people use and promote healthy and eco-friendly modes of transportation.

Using eco-friendly transport, whether a bicycle, a moped, or a zero-emission vehicle, helps us move around the city faster and easier, and helps us avoid excessive pollution of the environment and noisy and exhaust-filled streets, to improve our physical and mental health.

In addition to getting to the destination quickly, you also disturb the environment with your movement – there is a scroll for that.

The main goal of Scroll is to help people live in a healthy space and promote mobility in the urban environment. In addition to getting to your destination faster, you also disrupt the environment by moving – that’s what Scroll is for. That’s why we’re excited to join Mobility Week and we’d love to see each of you get involved.

The culmination of the European Mobility Week is on September 22, a Car-free day, on this day citizens of many countries refuse to travel by car and choose alternative means of transport to reach their destination.

If you haven’t Scrolled yet, use our promo code – MobilityWeek2022 during September 16-22.

Join us – leave your car at home for 1 day and enjoy the quiet streets and fresh air.