Our team is deeply thankful for all the silent heroes, whose tireless work is keeping our cities running amid the covid-19.

To show our gratitude, we have launched our ‘Heroes’ program, offering free rides to people in system-critical jobs.

If you are one of these everyday heroes, or you know someone, who put their community first, let us help you get to and from work safely.



  • Hospital staff and health care workers
  • Supermarket and pharmacy staff
  • Police
  • Fire brigade
  • Employees of local public transportation
  • Public workers
  • Employees, that work for the quarantine facilities


This campaign is over. Thank You!

Thanks for your contribution and the responsibilities you take for our society. In this chaotic time, we should stand together.

#Scrollheroes share the campaign with your friends and colleagues.
We are waiting for your response.

We share 4200 free riding minute. We choose 5 candidates each day. Every chosen candidate will get 1 hour free riding time on their “Bird” application balance, in two working days period.

It is necessary to provide us the email, you are registered with in the application of “Bird”

You can use the free riding time only in Tbilisi, throughout the operational zone of “Scroll”.

We reserve the right to choose the candidates that we think are the most tailored to our criteria.

You can use the free riding time in the 1 month period. Campaign “Scroll Heroes”, will continue for two weeks.