How To Ride

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Get the Bird app on the
App Store or Google Play

Find & Unlock

Find a Scroll near you and
tap the button to unlock

Safe Riding

Bring your helmet to stay
safe while you ride

Start Scroll

ელექტრო სკუტერის სიჩქარე
Stand on Scroll, push-off, then push
throttle button with thumb to ride

Foot Placement

Place both feet on
footboard while riding

Where to Ride

Ride on bike lanes, car
roads and sidewalks


ელექტრო სკუტერის დამუხრუჭება
Squeeze the brakes with
both hands to slow down


Don’t block public pathways,
park by bike racks when available

Ending your Ride

End your ride by tapping
the button in the app